Kennel uit de Zwarte Polder

In 1997 Lotte accompanied us and we came across mister E.A. Zantinge (kennel van de Boskamp Hoeve) and his flatcoated retrievers.

In 1998 Black Waldo van de Boskamp joined us, a fantastic dog and great comrad. Black Waldo van de Boskamp Hoeve is the father from our first litter of pups together with ancestress Black Fardoe van de Boskamp Hoeve.

From this litter Jinne uit de Zwarte Polder stayed with us. She`s the mother of Dieks and Dibah who are born in 2006. In 2009 Kardoes joined the group, she is a daughter of Dieks. In 2012 she gave birth to Danoek. Danoek had a litter in 2015 Quin and Keetje stayed at our place and are our youngest flatcoated retrievers.

 Waldo Jinne Fardoe Waldo, Fardoe and Jinne