Our litters

We consider our dogs to be part of our family. Our kennel (kennelnaam sinds 2001) breeds a litter about once every three years. In 2003 a litter of 7 puppies was born and in 2006 a litter of 4 puppies. 2010 we had a litter of 6. You can find more pictures of the litters on our dutch version of our site. 4 November  2012 our last litter is born, five dogs and four bitches. Our 2015 litter was born the 9th of October 2015!

We are not breeding before 2018!

 litter 2003

Black Waldo van de Boskamphoeve x Black Fardoe van de Boskamphoeve

pups litter 2006

Withybed Blue Jeans x Jinne uit de Zwarte Polder

 Litter 2010

Wagging Tails Rolf Muntz x Jinne uit de Zwarte Polder

 Litter 2012

Seaheart New Moon x Catinka van de Boskamp Hoeve (Kardoes)

 Litter 2015

Rotherfield First Request x Mirte uit de Zwarte Polder